Il Casale di Premignaga is located in a large estate of approximately 130,000 square meters north of the village of Morgnaga and rises up to the hills from the last houses of the old town centre. It can be reached by crossing the historic centre of the village through a small narrow road, and this is maybe the reason why it has retained the charm and uniqueness that distinguishes it.

Apparently the first construction dates back to the seventeenth century and it was a small Franciscan monastery, which was then transformed in the nineteenth century into a rural farmhouse with rooms, kitchen, stables, barn and granary.
Unfortunately, in the '70s, everything was left to decay. The building partially collapsed and the estate was covered with brambles, the plants chocked and the ground was deprived of the usual shape of the zone of terraces and flounces.

The farmhouse was then completely renovated in accordance with the strict conditions of preservation: the original, natural materials such as brick, stone and wood were reused. Nine holiday apartments in different sizes and at different levels equipped with modern comfort and a pool have been created.

Most of the estate has been cleaned and reclaimed: the olive trees have been pruned, the old plans, which were once grown, were freed, the two ponds drained, the creek cleaned up and the source which provide them with water has been restored .The dirt roads and woodland paths that connect the property with other fractions of Gardone Riviera have been reopened.

Now in Premignaga no longer dominates the carelessness, but the sound of the stream, the chirping of birds, the rustling of tree branches, the croaking of the frogs, the chirping of cicadas in summer, the smell of newly mown hay as well as of the wet leaves in the forest and the succession of the seasons.


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